The Latest:


Summer 2017. I was thrilled with the opportunity to play Pastor Paul (pictured above) in THE CHRISTIANS by Lucas Hnath. The production, mounted by Tidewater Stage in Virginia Beach, was the regional premiere of this fascinating new play. 

New Representation!

June 2016. I'm happy to announce that I just signed commercially with BBA Talent! Looking forward to new opportunities!

Springtime Shoots

May 2016. I just wrapped on two fun projects, both to be released later this year. In the short film "1 Zer0," I play a hacker who's assigned to break into a woman's soul . . . and in season two of the web series JEREMIAH CAN'T CLOSE, I appear as a wacky dating consultant.  

Scene Studies

Aug. 2015. I've recently been taking classes with David Rotenberg of the Professional Actors Lab. His acting students include Rachel McAdams, Tatiana Maslany, Scott Speedman, and many more.

Honda Commercial

June 2015. I had a great time in this commercial as a Helpful Honda Dealer!

Co-Starring on FOX's SLEEPY HOLLOW 

Nov. 2013. I flew to North Carolina to shoot this fun role on SLEEPY HOLLOW. Watch and decide for yourself who's got his history straight—Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) or me!

Nominated for an L.A. Weekly Theater Award

Feb. 2014: I was honored to be nominated, along with my co-star Bruce Ladd, for Best Two-Person Performance of 2013, for our work in the new play A PERFECT LIKENESS (pictured below).

Written by Daniel Rover Singer, co-author of THE COMPLETE WORKS OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE (Abridged), A PERFECT LIKENESS explores what might have happened if Lewis Carroll and Charles Dickens had met. We played to sold-out crowds for the West Coast Premiere at Actors Co-op, then re-opened to critical acclaim at the Fremont Centre Theatre.



"There's not a more watchable actor in all of L.A. than Roberts, whose entertaining, touching performance... is one of the Actors Co-op favorite's best, peeling away Lewis Carroll's onion skins in all their contradictory layers." —Steven Stanley, STAGE SCENE LA

"From the opening curtain Roberts seizes the limelight, with a pitch-perfect portrayal of a personage who might easily have been reduced to caricature." —Deborah Klugman, LA WEEKLY

"Bravo to actors Daniel J. Roberts (Carroll) and Bruce Ladd (Dickens) who, while embodying their characters with depth and sensitivity, manage to also boisterously entertain us." —Morna Murphy Martell, THEATRE SPOKEN HERE

A Trip to Disneyland!

Oct. 2012. I had a great time shooting guerilla-style in Disneyland for MISSING IN THE MANSION. This film went viral after its release, logging over half a million views on YouTube.

Past Highlights:

Feb. 2013. Nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Indie Horror Film Festival in Chicago, for my role in the 3D short MIDNIGHT DAISY

Spring 2012. Appearing as Edmund in LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT at Actors Co-op . . .


"[Roberts] perfectly balances a zest for life [and] passionate conviction alongside the young man's deep-seated fears."


"[Roberts] proves himself here, as he has in [past] productions... to be one of the finest, most versatile (and watchable) young actors in town, revealing Edmund’s hopes, fears, anger, resentments, and love, as much in unspoken moments as in spoken ones."

Spring 2010. LA WEEKLY Nomination for Best Supporting Actor (as Rev. Parris in THE CRUCIBLE at Actors Co-op). 


About Me.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, I got my start in acting at age 11 when I played Captain Hook in a local kids' production of PETER PAN. I went on to do a lot more theatre in school, earning a BA in English and an MFA in Acting, plus I toured for a year with Saltworks Theatre in Pennsylvania. In 2007, I made the move to L.A. and got to work on the west coast. My screen roles, ranging from a confused museum tour guide to an aspiring Disney Imagineer, have appeared in international film festivals, and on TV, DVD and the web. I've also been active in the L.A. theatre scene, including roles at the Fremont Centre Theatre, Crown City Theatre, and more than a dozen plays at Actors Co-op in Hollywood. For my stage work, I've been honored to be twice nominated for an L.A. Weekly Theater Award. Thanks for stopping by my site!